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What’s New at BrainPOP: July Recap

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During these dog days of summer, BrainPOP is busy getting ready for back to school!  

BrainPOP Jr.  

Bossy R NEW
How does one little letter have the power to change the sound of a vowel? Find out in the Bossy R movie.

Long O NEW
Long O, Long O, it’s off to work we go! This phonics movie features everyone’s favorite sound — long o!


Thanksgiving UPDATE
It may be July, be here at BrainPOP we’re already thinking about turkey and stuffing! Join Tim and Moby as they discover the real story behind the Thanksgiving holiday.


Social-Emotional Learning on BrainPOP  
From mindfulness and empathy to perseverance and conflict resolution, BrainPOP’s new SEL content can help you set classroom culture as you begin a new school year. 

5-Minute Tea with CBE Rosie Santiago
July’s Certified BrainPOP Educator of the Month, Rosie Santiago, shares how she enhance math lessons using Make-a-Movie.

Teacher and Student Dashboards UPDATED

The new easy-to-use Dashboards are available on computers, tablets, and phones. 

Accessing classes and assignments is a cinch on the new Teacher Dashboard. Plus,  you can find all the projects you create with Make-a-Map, Make-a-Movie, Quiz Mixer, and Creative Coding in one place!

Because you asked… teachers are now be able to give numerical scores to nearly everything students submit, such as custom movies, concept maps, and graphic organizers.  

The Student Dashboard also provides quick access to all of a student’s assignments and saved projects, making it easy for them to continue working on custom movies or concept maps they began at an earlier time.  A timeline shows a student’s a history of everything done to date on BrainPOP.

Talk About It UPDATED

BrainPOP Jr.’s Talk About It feature (also tablet friendly) —a discussion prompt that encourages speaking, listening, and notetaking skills using a graphic organizer—now has saving and editing functionality. And, as always, teachers can assign Talk About It to students, and students can submit work to their teacher. 

Activities UPDATED

The new newly designed and formatted activities, including worksheets, graphic organizers, and interactive vocabulary, are now available right on the topic page!

NOTE: Previous versions of the Activity pages and Talk About It have been removed from existing assignments since they are no longer available. However, any previously completed or submitted student work is still accessible in the student’s and teacher’s accounts. 


Recognizing the importance of accessible learning experiences, all updated activities and the Student and Teacher Dashboards–on computers and mobile devices–are updated to meet the WCAG 2.0 AA standards.