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Updates: Activities, Talk About It, and Dashboards

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In an effort to meet the ever-changing needs of your classroom, we continuously update our content and technology to make your BrainPOP experience the best it can be. Following are our latest improvements.


Coming this summer:

  • Worksheets
  • Interactive Vocabulary with audio support
  • Graphic Organizers

All three tablet-friendly activities offer exposure to key vocabulary, informal writing opportunities, and include updated content to take advantage of the new formats. Plus, students can now save and edit activities, and of course all are assignable. Note that the Vocabulary activity is also available on mobile phones.

No Flash? No problem! Graphic Organizer, Vocabulary, and Worksheet activities no longer require Flash on desktops or mobile devices.  

Talk About It

BrainPOP Jr.’s Talk About It (also tablet friendly) —a discussion prompt that encourages speaking, listening, and notetaking skills using a graphic organizer—will also have saving and editing functionality. And, as always, teachers can assign Talk About It to students, and students can submit work to their teacher.

NOTE: Starting in mid-July, previous versions of the Activity pages and Talk About It will be removed from existing assignments since they will no longer be available. However, any completed or submitted student work will remain in the student’s and teacher’s accounts.

Teacher and Student Dashboards

This summer, we’re also launching new Dashboards for teachers and students! Both Dashboards will be available on computers, tablets, and phones.

The Teacher Dashboard makes accessing classes and assignments a cinch! You’ll also be able to find all the projects you create with Make-a-Map, Make-a-Movie, Quiz Mixer, and Creative Coding in one place!

Because you asked… teachers will now be able to give numerical scores to nearly everything students submit, such as custom movies, concept maps, and graphic organizers.


The Student Dashboard provides easy and quick access to all of a student’s assignments and saved projects, making it a snap to continue working on custom movies or concept maps to create masterpieces! A timeline shows a student’s a history of everything he or she has done to date on BrainPOP.


We would love to hear what you think of all these exciting updates, and ideas for future renovations. Please share your feedback at