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BrainPOP Reading Round-Up

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Related Reading

Every BrainPOP topic features a set of up to six informational articles covering categories ranging from stats and graphs to geography, biographies, nature, politics, and beyond! These high-interest, fact-filled texts invite students to deepen and extend their understanding of a BrainPOP topic while seamlessly practicing important reading comprehension skills such as making inferences, identifying main ideas and details, and comparing/contrasting.

Read Certified BrainPOP Educator Mike Jones’ blog post about how he uses BrainPOP’s Related Reading to support reading comprehension in his science classroom.


Primary Sources

Many BrainPOP topics have accompanying primary sources which are often text-based, providing students with meaningful reading opportunities. Following are some examples:


Closed Captions

Turn on closed captions and encourage students to read along as they watch a BrainPOP movie. Tim (or whichever character is narrating) is modeling fluid language as students read along.  


Movie Transcripts

Every BrainPOP movie has a printable transcript for students to read–to themselves, with a partner, as a class, etc. You can even invite them to act it out. Transcripts offer other opportunities, too, such as challenging students to analyze how particular lines of dialogue propel the action of the storyline. Watch a quick video to discover even more creative ways to make the most of movie transcripts to practice key reading skills.



The Challenge, which accompanies many BrainPOP topics, invites students to put their reading skills to the test as they complete text highlighting and cloze activities.



Playing and reading go hand-in-hand on BrainPOP’s GameUp! From interactive history adventures and ethical decision-making experiences to sims and more, we offer games across the curriculum that seamlessly and playfully foster students’ literacy. Following are a few examples, but be sure to visit the entire collection to find games to meet your classroom needs: