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What’s New at BrainPOP: May Recap

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Before you head out for summer, check out what’s new on BrainPOP!  


Loops NEW
Round and round and round we go! Learn all about loops—a helpful shortcut for programming repeated actions in code.

Building the Thirteen Colonies NEW
Long before the American Revolution, the foundations of a future nation were built one colony at a time. Click play to discover how those first thirteen colonies came to be.

Mansa Musa NEW
The best-kept secret of the Middle Ages wasn’t the location of the Holy Grail—it was the African empire of Mali! Discover the man who put Mali on the map.

Primaries and Caucuses UPDATE
The road to the White House begins long before Election Day. Learn about primaries and caucuses—the elections before the election.


BrainPOP Jr.  

Emotions NEW
Feeling happy? Sad? Excited? Join Annie and Moby as they learn to identify and manage their emotions.



Social-Emotional Learning on BrainPOP  
BrainPOP’s brand new SEL collection and theme pages support the CASEL framework’s five key competencies for student success. Explore by topic or by theme.

Exercise Your Coding Muscles with Creative Coding
This month, BrainPOP challenged students to code the ways they stay healthy and fit.

Active Viewing Strategies Video
Don’t press play and walk away! Learn strategies for engaging students while watching BrainPOP movies.

BrainPOP Summer Activity Packets
Summer is just around the corner! Avoid the dreaded summer slide BrainPOP’s summer learning packets with your students’ families—featuring reading, math, writing, and physical fitness. Remind families that with your school’s subscription, they have FREE access at home!