April is Earth Awareness Month

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Celebrate Earth Day every day with eco-friendly movies and games!

Earth Awareness Movies

BrainPOP provides movies featuring a broad range of environmental topics in these Science units: Diversity of Life, Earth System, Ecology & Behavior, Energy, Forces of Nature, and Our Fragile Earth.

Get ready for Earth Day on BrainPOP Jr. with movies from these “green” units: Animals, Plants, Habitats, Conservation, and Energy.

English language learners will enjoy the BrainPOP ELL Recycling movie as they brush up on their modals.

Earth Awareness Games

Desalination: Turn funky salt water into safe drinking water.

Food Fight: Learn about food webs in this two-player game of survival on the Serengeti.

Sortify: Natural Resources: Explore Earth’s natural resources in this sorting game.