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What’s New at BrainPOP: October Recap

Posted by jglassman on

Trick or treat! BrainPOP offered up lots of treats this month. Check out what’s new!  


Mummies UPDATE

Unwrap the history of mummification in this newly updated and timely movie!  

North Korea NEW

Find out how the dictatorship that rules this isolated nation restricts every aspect of life there, from how citizens are to behave to what they show on the news.  

Sensitive Content Note: This movie contains depictions of suffering  and punishment endured by North Korean citizens. We suggest previewing it advance of showing it to the class.

Map Projections NEW

Maps help us visualize our world, but even the best ones aren’t totally accurate. Find out why in this movie, and discover how cartographers have created a wide range of map projections to solve this problem.


Newsfeed Defenders

Our newest iCivics game challenges students to manage a social media site, from identifying dubious posts to engaging with the community and more.

Upgraded Text-to-Speech on Classroom Inc. Games

Classroom Inc. has updated its TTS functions on  BrainPOP-hosted Read to Lead games. Upgrades include:

  • Differentiated voices for male and female characters
  • Option to select a voice
  • TTS in Spanish  


New Features

ELL Assignments

Assignments have come to BrainPOP ELL! Teachers can now assign ELL movies, quizzes, activities, and more.

To use ELL assignments, simply navigate to a lesson, quiz, or other activity and click Assign. Click Assignment Builder to add more features to your assignment, including all three movies, Hear It Say It, Make-a-Map, etc. You can even assign the Placement Test. Just like the assignment tool on BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr., you can assign to the whole class or to individual students, set an optional due date, start date, and include instructions.

New BrainPOP Efficacy Study

A recent study on the effectiveness of BrainPOP demonstrated Moderate ESSA Evidence, finding that schools with BrainPOP subscriptions in five states had increased test scores as compared to a similar group of non BrainPOP subscribers. Read the study to learn more.