Translations Now in Classroom, Inc. Games

Posted by jglassman on

Our partner, Classroom, Inc., now offers translation features for the BrainPOP-hosted Read to Lead games. This new feature (accessed by clicking the globe icon in the top right corner) enables students to translate text to any of 100 different languages, including Spanish, Arabic, and Mandarin. Additionally, a text-to-speech tool provides an audio read-aloud in English.

Using the translation and text-to-speech features in combination helps students to…

  • Work at their own pace in their home language
  • Discover connections between English and their home language

Educators can use their features to…

  • Foster an inclusive classroom environment while playing the game together
  • Scaffold both receptive and productive English language skills

Classroom, Inc. added translation features to their Read to Lead games because they recognize how language support can help students be stronger leaders and decision makers. Visit Classroom, Inc.’s Read to Lead home page to learn more about how to play the games.