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What’s New at BrainPOP: June Recap

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School may be out for summer, but BrainPOP is still hard at work!   


World Cup NEW
Victory brings tears of joys; defeat brings tears of anguish. But after the final whistle blows, sportsmanship rules with handshakes and jersey swaps all around. Want to learn more about the world’s biggest sporting event? Click “play” to kick this movie into high gear!

BrainPOP Jr.

Got grit? Join Annie and Moby as they discover what it takes to accomplish a goal, even when it’s difficult.  

Milliliters and Liters
What do we measure in milliliters? When do we measure in liters? Watch the movie to find out!


Updated Student & Educator Assignment Views  

Our improved “assignment view” for multi-step assignments makes navigating easier!  Explore the updated Teacher and Student views:

Student View

Students can now see all of the parts of an assignment on one easy-to-view landing page.

Clicking a feature opens it in the same window. No new tab! No getting lost! To see and navigate to the other parts of the assignment, click Show Details in the upper right corner. Click the Assignment in the left corner to return to the landing page.



Educator View

We’ve also made some exciting new updates to the Educator View. Now, when you make an assignment, you can view it as a student. Click Copy Assignment Link to copy the assignment URL, then post it in your LMS, such as Google Classroom.

Creative Coding

Our brand new Creative Coding package is available just in time for Summer 2018 and the upcoming school year. The block- and text-based projects are developed based on Scratch and Vidcode. Designed to seamlessly integrate with what you’re already teaching, Creative Coding makes it simple to introduce coding and provides students with the opportunity to “show what they know” in a whole different way. Plus, you’ll save 25 percent on Creative Coding if you add it to your subscription before December 31. Learn More and Try it Now!