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What’s New at BrainPOP: April Recap

Posted by jglassman on

April showers bring May flowers AND BrainPOP movies and games!   

Updated Movies on BrainPOP

Body Systems
Take this anatomical tour to explore the 11 systems that keep your body up and running.

Whether describing awesome apples or zany zebras, in this updated movie, discover how pairing nouns with adjectives is a great way to paint a picture for readers.  

Underground Railroad
The passengers were fleeing slavery. The destination was freedom. Watch this movie to go back to a time when slavery divided the country, and learn about the treacherous treks many endured to reach freedom.

New on GameUp

Vital Signs
This new game from Classroom Inc.  integrates health and wellness topics while supporting robust literacy skills. Players become the director of a medical clinic, diagnosing mystery illnesses and making big decisions along the way!   

PhET Interactive Simulations
Science and math come to life with these six new interactive simulations from our partner Phet Interactive Simulations. The simulations engage students through an intuitive, game-like environment where learning happens through exploration and discovery.

  1. Circuit Construction Kit: DC: Design your own circuits with this digital electronic kit. .
  2. Bending Light: Play with prisms and lenses and apply Snell’s Law at the interface between two media.
  3. Projectile Motion: Experiment with angle, initial speed, height, air resistance, mass, diameter, and gravity by blasting everyday objects out of a cannon.
  4. Pendulum Lab: Design controlled experiments to determine how gravity and a pendulum’s mass, length, and amplitude affect the period.
  5. Unit Rates:  Interact with the unit rate in the contexts of price per item, price per pound, and speed.
  6. States of Matter: Basics: Experiment with states of matter as you heat, cool, and compress different atoms and molecules.

Family Engagement

To strengthen the school-to-home connection, families can now sign up to receive tips about using BrainPOP at home, include learning packets for preventing summer slide!  Please pass along this exciting news to your students’ families. Remind students of their usernames and passwords so that families can log in at home.