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Taking a Spring Break from Test Prep

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Remember the days before state testing when spring was carefree? Maybe you’d bring your class outdoors for a lesson under the sun or allow a few extra minutes of recess. Spring meant summer was right around the corner!

Today, however, most teachers (and students) equate spring with state testing. At BrainPOP, we know your class needs a spring break from all the test prep. We may not be able to send them to a tropical island, but here are some suggestions of BrainPOP movies, games and more that are playful and… shhh… educational, too!

Calling all March Madness fans! Create an exciting environment complete with nail-biting upsets in your classroom! Set up a tournament bracket to play Food Fight — BrainPOP’s food web game. Students go head-to-head as they apply skill (and a little luck) to balance the needs of consumers and producers within a variety of biomes. Which animals will pull an upset? Students make and test predictions, while discovering the intricacies of the food web and unlikely inter-dependencies! Watch this video clip for a peek at how one teacher put a tournament of animal survival into action.

Looking for more sports fun?  Get your game on by exploring BrainPOP’s Sports & Fitness Unit.

If music is more your thing, then kick back and get your groove on with these BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. musical movies, games and more.

BrainPOP Jr.

  • Music Unit: Explore a range of musical topics from musicians to instruments.
  • One Man BandExperiment with music, rhythm, beats, and instruments as you build your own band.


Tech-savvy kids–which is just about every kid today–will enjoy taking a break to explore these techie movies and more.

BrainPOP Jr.

  • Technology Unit: Technology is more than just computers! Topics in this unit range from blogs to transportation.
  • Share Jumper: Practice being a good digital citizen by choosing what to share share and not share online.


  • Communications Unit: Wonder how a touchscreen works or how cell phones came to be? Discover the stories behind gadgets we use everyday.
  • Digital Citizenship: Kids today are digital citizens. Explore these topics to learn what that means.  
  • Coding Games: Dive into this GameUp collection of coding games. No coding experience required!