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Explore Computer Programming at Home with BrainPOP

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Who do parents trust most for advice on educational digital media and its use? According to a recent EdSurge article, “5 Ways Educators Can Help Families Make Better Use of Tech Outside the Classroom,” the answer is YOU. However, a survey featured in the article reveals that few teachers actually make recommendations. The writer provides tips on how to advise parents, including suggesting apps and programs you use in school that children can also use at home. Hint hint… BrainPOP!

Remember, with your school’s subscription to BrainPOP, your students’ families have access to all of our award-winning, trusted content at home. To help you build this school-to-home connection, we are inviting families to sign up to receive monthly tips, discussion prompts, and more for using BrainPOP around what you are teaching in the classroom. This month, we are promoting STEM learning with ideas for using our computer programming topics on both BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr.

Please pass along this news to your students’ families! We’ve included an email you can cut, paste, and send to parents/caregivers.

NOTE:  Remind students of their usernames and passwords so that families can log in at home.


Dear Parents or Caregiver,

Our school has a subscription to BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr., award-winning educational websites we trust because they deliver reliable content relating to topics I’m teaching your children. As part of that subscription, your family also has access at home!  

This month, discover Computer Programming by exploring this topic on BrainPOP and/or BrainPOP Jr. with your child. Got kids in grades 3+? Watch the BrainPOP movie on computer programming, then battle ogres and collect gems in the game CodeCombat. Kids in grades K-3 will enjoy BrainPOP Jr.’s computer programming movie and then put their coding skills to the test playing Blockly, an interactive maze game.

Sign up at https://go.brainpop.com/home/tips to receive ideas, tips, and recommendations just for families!