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Making the Most of Cold & Flu Season

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Cold and flu season are no fun, but BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. can help you take advantage of this teachable moment. We offer a range of topics related to germs, viruses, how to stay healthy and more for you and your students to explore, including:

BrainPOP Jr.

Colds and Flu
Washing Hands


Personal Hygiene
Flu and Flu Vaccine

With so many students home with the flu and other viruses, now is a perfect time to remind parents and caregivers that with your school’s subscription, they have 24/7 access at home to BrainPOP’s award-winning content for hundreds of topics. Families can explore interests together–watching movies, playing learning games, challenging themselves to quizzes, and even making their own BrainPOP-style movies — all from the comfort of their home.

To help you help families log on at home, we’ve provided a letter for you to customize, print out and send home. Select the letter that’s right for you:

*NOTE: For this letter, write in the unique Username and Password for each student, or have the students fill it in.