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Looking at Diversity in GameUp

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By Ilana Weiss

As advances in technology  make our world smaller and bring people closer together,  representing diversity becomes increasingly relevant and important.  Seeing themselves and others represented in the various mediums helps students expand their perspectives.   

Recognizing the importance of diversity, BrainPOP has updated its Game Evaluation Rubric , which we use as part of our process for assessing and selecting games for GameUp. The rubric considers various aspects of a game, such as mechanics, technical quality, presentation of information, and now it includes questions about diversity.  

The questions, inspired by KidMap’s diversity checklist, ask about representation in games as well as how the representations help to break down stereotypes. We hope that by putting more emphasis on diversity, we can encourage game makers to include more instances in their games and raise awareness of the importance of diversity in this medium.

Let us know what you think of BrainPOP’s Game Evaluation Rubric by sharing your comments in the field below or contacting us directly.