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What’s New on BrainPOP: November Recap

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Creative Coding
BrainPOP is gearing up for Hour of Code in December with the addition of our Creative Coding feature to an ever-growing list of BrainPOP topics. Available exclusively to My BrainPOP students and educators, Creative Coding challenges students to show what they know about a BrainPOP topic through a range of coding projects, such as meme and stop motion animation. You can now find this feature in over 150 BrainPOP topics by typing “Creative Coding” in the BrainPOP search bar.  For support using Creative Coding, review our Teaching Resources.

Digital Citizenship
Earlier this month, BrainPOP attended the Digital Citizenship Summit in Utah where we introduced our Digital Citizenship collection
Learn more about digital citizenship by reading these two articles from expert Dr. Mike Ribble, Ed.D:
Digital Citizenship: Respect, Protect, Educate
What Type of Digital Citizens Do We Want Students to Be?

BrainPOP Jr.

Facts and Opinions
Annie and Moby explore the differences between facts and opinions in this new movie. They learn how to verify facts by researching sources and how to recognize signal words to identify facts and opinions.


Veterans Day
Tim and Moby explore the history and significance of Veterans Day in this new movie.  


Crystal Cave
This science game from the University of Wisconsin’s Field Day Lab challenges students to apply their knowledge of rocks, geometry, and molecular stability to create crystal formations. Explore other games in The Yard Games collection.