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BrainPOP Beyond the Classroom: Building the Home-School Connection

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Your students know how great BrainPOP is, but do their families know?  Back-to-school is a perfect time to remind parents and caregivers that with your school’s subscription, they have 24/7 access at home to BrainPOP’s award-winning content for hundreds of topics, as well as tools for creating original projects, such as Make-a-Movie, Make-a-Map, and Creative Coding.

Recognizing that building relationships with families has a positive impact on students both academically and socially, BrainPOP makes it easy for students to share what they’re learning in school. Families can explore interests together–watching movies, playing learning games, challenging themselves to quizzes, and even making their own BrainPOP-style movies–all from the comfort of their homes.

The first step is to let families know they have access to BrainPOP at home. To make this easy, we’ve provided a letter for you to customize, printout and send home.

For schools with Google Classroom, use  Letter to Family (Google Log in) and Letter to Family (Google Login)–Spanish version.

For schools without Google Classroom, use Letter to Family and Letter to Family–Spanish version.
*NOTE: For this letter, write in the unique User Name and Password for each student, or have the students fill it in.

In an effort to help you build a home-school relationship with your students’ families–and extend learning beyond the classroom–check out our blog posts throughout the school year for activities and tips on using BrainPOP at home.  Don’t keep BrainPOP a secret! We know families will enjoy BrainPOP as much as you do.

Share your ideas for using BrainPOP at home in the comments field below or by contacting us directly.