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Top Topics for Back-to-School

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As we gear up for the 2017-2018 school year, we’ve asked our Certified BrainPOP Educators and very own BrainPOPpers to share some of their favorite topics and how they’re using them with students. From Digital Citizenship to Critical Reasoning, these top topics will cover your bases. Check out our CBE and BrainPOP favorites along with some tips for integration below!

  • Excited to use the Eclipse movie to start off year. We are in it’s path. – Jennifer Martin, St. Louis, MO
  • At our school we always kick off the year with some Digital Citizenship. This year we used the BrainPOP content for grades 7-9 and kids loved it. – Marcos Padilha, São Paulo, Brazil
  • I use the computer and internet topics when we start talking about responsible use. Then, I show them the Internet Search movie and we talk about a Boolean operator and good ways to search. Kids need to learn that! – Rayna Freedman, Mansfield, MA
  • I start my second graders off with Internet Safety lessons in BrainPOP Jr. They always get a kick out of seeing Moby make mistakes. We also spend some time on other types of safety too. – Joie Stinson, Covina, CA
  • I show students the Movie of the Week. Even though they can access the full site (with our subscription), this gets them interested in checking out the site regularly. – Wayne Burnett, Singapore
  • It’s important to build a safe and comfortable classroom community. Bullying and Conflict Resolution are two topics that I feel are perfect for kicking off the year. – Carrie Mignano, BrainPOPper
  • I’m a big fan of the Kindergarten movie. I love that we have a movie dedicated to the potentially scary uncharted territory that is kindergarten. – Traci Kampel, BrainPOPper
  • I’d say Stress! New situations, people, and workloads can make for stressful situations, but it’s helpful to know that everyone experiences stress in different ways. The movie offers insight into what causes stress and the techniques that can help to relieve it. – Leslie Shumate, BrainPOPper
  • The Kindergarten and Back to School movies are great for families to watch together. – Jessica Millstone, BrainPOPer
  • The BrainPOP Jr. movie Listening and Speaking is a good overview of rules of how to be a respectful listener. The Friends movie is also great because it focuses on including people. – Annie Choi, BrainPOPper
  • I love the Nutrition and Food Groups topics! It’s important to eat well during school and to keep that focus going. And because …food is amazing. – Katie Gokhshteyn, BrainPOPper