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Mission US: Up from the Dust is now on GameUp

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We’re proud to announce the addition of Up from the Dust to our collection of Mission US games. These simulations immerse students in U.S. history through interactive role-playing experiences.

Up from the Dust provides students with an experiential understanding of the enormous hardships facing Americans during the late 1920s and early 1930s, as they struggled against the joint catastrophes of the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression.

Players assume the roles of Frank and Ginny Dunn, twins growing up on a wheat farm in the Texas Panhandle. The game begins in summer 1929, as the Dunn family is preparing to plant their wheat crop. During the 1929- 1930 growing season, the stock market crashes and wheat prices begin a precipitous fall. Later, a drought adds to their problems. Over the next few years, the Dunns witness the effects of the Great Depression. They also experience how people came together, both through charity and government programs, to get through this challenging period in American history.

Throughout the game, players make important decisions about everything from how many acres to farm or leave fallow to how many cattle and chickens to raise.

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