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Creative Coding on BrainPOP

Posted by jglassman on

Need a little help teaching kids to code or figuring out how to work it into your already packed school day? BrainPOP to the rescue!

We’ve partnered with Vidcode – an engaging coding curriculum – to develop the brand-new feature Creative Coding! Available exclusively to My BrainPOP users, Creative Coding lets students apply their understanding of our topics across the curriculum, through a variety of coding projects: Meme, Stop Motion Animation, Doodle Augmented Reality, and Newscast, with more coming soon. The new feature offers an easy on-ramp, enabling the seamless integration of coding into whatever you’re already teaching. Projects are scaffolded so that even students with no coding experience can succeed, while those with a background can take their work to more sophisticated levels. All coding projects can be completed in as little as one class period, or extended for those who want to dive deeper. 

To get started, log in with your individual credentials and navigate to the Creative Coding landing page. We’ll continue to add projects to more and more topics in the coming weeks, so visit often. Turn to our collection of support materials – ranging from video tutorials and lesson plans to differentiation tips and assessment rubrics – to familiarize yourself with the feature and pick up tips for working it into class. 

We’d love your feedback and encourage you to tweet about the work you and your students do with Creative Coding. Be sure to spread the word!