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BrainPOP and Language Power

Posted by Bev Fine on

BrainPOP ELL was in Seattle last month for the annual TESOL International 2017 Convention (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages). We love to talk with educators from around the world, united in their dedication to teaching ELLs.

One of the highlights at TESOL was the rollout of a new book from Corwin Press by Margo Gottlieb and Mariana Castro. Language Power is a guidebook on the critical role academic language plays in content learning and student achievement. Gottlieb and Castro identify four key uses of academic language – Discuss, Argue, Recount, and Explain – and provide examples and resources for integrating them into your lessons.  

BrainPOP is honored to have served as a contributor in this endeavor!  Using charts and templates, the authors illustrate how to use BrainPOP content in your lessons to address academic language. Language Power is a useful guide for teachers to help ALL students access content through language in multimodal ways.

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