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NEW: Sensitive Content Notification

Posted by jglassman on

As an educator, you know how valuable it is that BrainPOP offers content on just about every subject you’re looking to teach. We provide a wide and deep range of topics that address the needs of many different classrooms. So while it may be appropriate for an eighth grade class in Texas to study the Holocaust, for example, a third grade teacher in Maine may not be ready to introduce this topic to her students.

Teachers and parents have asked that we give them a heads up when a BrainPOP topic contains potentially sensitive material. To address this, we’ve added a notice on topic pages containing  movies with some sensitive content. You’re the best judge of what’s developmentally appropriate for your students, and we hope this notice will serve as a helpful guide.

We encourage you to preview all movies before sharing with your class, and set the tone for an inclusive, respectful discussion.

NOTE: The sensitive content notification does not appear on our Featured Movie app. We encourage you to access BrainPOP directly from your mobile browser if you’d like to see these notifications.