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Quiz Mixer Now Available for BrainPOP Jr.!

Posted by cemignano on

Great news for K-3 educators using My BrainPOP: you too can now customize assessment with the Quiz Mixer! “Mix” your own quiz with BrainPOP Jr.’s existing quiz questions, and/or those submitted by other teachers. Use them as-is, or edit to meet your students’ needs. Or, create entirely new ones, including open-ended, multiple choice, or poll-style questions.

If you’re already up and running with My BrainPOP, you can start creating your own BrainPOP Jr.-style quizzes today! Just log in with your individual credentials and look for QUIZ MIXER at the top of your screen. If you’re eligible for My BrainPOP but aren’t set up with it yet, check out our Getting Started resources.

To learn more, or for help with the Quiz Mixer, visit our Quiz Mixer support page.