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Dig Deeper into BrainPOP Topics with Related Readings

Posted by jglassman on

Looking for topic-specific, grade-appropriate informational texts? BrainPOP’s got you covered! Every BrainPOP topic features a set of  up to 6 nonfiction, informational “Related Reading” articles that dig deeper into the BrainPOP topic to extend student learning. You can find the Related Reading feature right on the home page.

The high-interest, fact-filled Related Reading articles cover a broad range of categories from stats and graphs to geography, biographies, nature, politics, and much more!

In addition to  encouraging students to explore topics more deeply, Related Readings seamlessly provide opportunities to practice important reading comprehension skills, such as making inferences, identifying main ideas and details, comparing/contrasting, etc. In an effort to strengthen students reading of informational texts, BrainPOP now offers a text highlighting activity as one of several Challenge tasks associated with some topics (see Frederick Douglass as an example). This task helps students focus on essential information in a text, whether it’s highlighting clues to make an inference or identifying key vocabulary. Students can apply what they learn from the text-highlighting Challenge tasks when reading Related Reading articles.

Let us know how you’re using Related Readings in your classroom. Share your ideas in the comments field below.