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BrainPOP Jr. Builds Vocabulary

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Recognizing the important role vocabulary plays in every area of the curriculum–from reading and writing to math, science, and more–BrainPOP Jr. provides many engaging activities to build content-related vocabulary and help students make connections.  For each topic, the same set of vocabulary appear in the different features and tools providing opportunities to use the words in different modalities (e.g., writing, drawing, speaking, etc.) to reinforce understanding:


img_wordPlayWord Play: An interactive vocabulary tool that invites students to explore key words from the movie by drawing, writing, and/or acting them out.


img_talkTalk About It:  A discussion prompt and graphic organizer invite students to think and talk about the topic. Prompts often include a vocabulary word, and you can encourage students to use the vocabulary in their discussions.

img_writeWrite About It
: A writing prompt with a word bank of key vocabulary instructs students to use the words in their response. On desktop computers, click and hover to hear words and definitions read aloud. On touch devices, tap and hold. 

img_drawDraw About It: Students draw in response to a prompt and may incorporate images or drawings of  vocabulary they learned in the movie to show their understanding.


img_MAMMake-a-Map: This concept map creation tool provides a word bank that includes all the topical vocabulary and more. By making connections between the words, students demonstrate their knowledge of the topic and the terms.


img_hardQuizQuizzes: Uses topical vocabulary in some of the questions and answers, encouraging students to apply their understanding of the words.



Additionally, some key vocabulary, such as observe, inference, prediction, and more appear in multiple movies so students experience the words in different contexts creating an even deeper and more meaningful understanding.

All words, definitions, and instructions can be read aloud to  support developing reading skills.  And all saved work feeds into My BrainPOP, so teachers can review and provide feedback.