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100+ Challenge Topics & Growing!

Posted by jglassman on

BrainPOP’s auto-graded Challenge feature now accompanies more than 100 topics, from Edgar Allen Poe and Plate Tectonics to Copernicus and Stocks & Shares!  These playful activities challenge students to put their critical thinking skills to the test in fun, interactive ways while seamlessly enabling teachers to assess what their class knows. Each BrainPOP Challenge is a set of topical activities emphasizing cognitive skills including concept mapping, diagram labeling, matching, text highlighting, multiple response, sequencing, and Venn diagramming.  To find all 100+  topics with the Challenge feature, simply search the word “Challenge” in the search field.

Need help getting started? BrainPOP Educators’ Challenge Teaching Resources offers a range of ideas, tips, and best practices – including strategies for differentiating and supporting your students’ varied needs.