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What’s New at BrainPOP: January Recap

Posted by jglassman on

BrainPOP has been super busy churning out new movies, games, a brand new look for BrainPOP Jr., and… a moviemaking tool!

New Tools  


It’s finally here… a tool for My BrainPOP subscribers to create their very own BrainPOP-style movies. It’s easy! Simply choose a topic, build scenes using BrainPOP images and animations or draw your own, then add narration. And, it all begins with a letter, just like in a real BrainPOP movie! To get started with Make-a-Movie, check out the Educator Resources.  

New in Make-a-Map

Just in time for our rollout of Make-a-Movie, you can now find two new storyboard templates and a plot diagram in the Make-a-Map tool. Have students use these new templates to plan their movies, including the storyline, narration, art, and more.  

BrainPOP Jr.

New Look!

BrainPOP Jr. has a fresh new look that includes a touchscreen-friendly design. Just tap, scroll, and explore all the new enhancements! Check out the improved Draw About It, which now allows students to now drag and drop shapes onto their drawings. The brand new Word Play feature encourages exploration of key vocabulary words through drawing, writing, and acting. Teachers can now assign BrainPOP Jr. movies and features. Of course, everything feeds into My BrainPOP so teachers can provide feedback.

New Movies on BrainPOP Jr.

Annie and Moby learn about mammals and how they’re adapted to their habitats.

Amelia Earhart
Join Annie and Moby as they explore Amelia Earhart—the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

BrainPOP New Movies

Alexander Hamilton
How did this orphaned immigrant become an outspoken voice for democracy? Find out in this epic BrainPOP movie.

Discover how this ancient astronomer’s ideas inspired transformed the way we view the universe.

Plate Tectonics
From causing earthquakes and volcanoes to playing a role in the formation of Earth’s surface features, plate tectonics is a powerful topic! Find out more in this movie.


All About Bird Anatomy
In this game students build a virtual bird from the inside out!