Using BrainPOP Outside the Classroom:  Linking Parents, Students & Teachers Together

Posted by Jessica Millstone on

Did you know that school-wide subscribers can use BrainPOP outside of school?  Using BrainPOP after school gives all types of BrainPOP users – students, teachers, and parents – the opportunity to extend their learning beyond the classroom.   


Students who uses BrainPOP at school can log in to their BrainPOP accounts from home. This means that, as long as students have access to an internet-enabled device, BrainPOP is available to them 24/7. You can ask students to review topics at home, or suggest that they explore the wide variety of learning games available to them through our GameUp portal. And with our new Assignments feature, you can even assign specific BrainPOP movies, games, and assessment activities for students to complete on their own time.

Another great way to encourage BrainPOP use at home is to suggest its use to your students’ parents. Research has shown that a student’s long-term academic achievement and social-emotional development is linked to active parent involvement in classroom activities. BrainPOP can be a wonderful resource for helping parents learn more about what their kids are doing in school. It can even be a way for them to review long-forgotten topics!

Wondering how to promote BrainPOP outside the classroom?
If your school has a curriculum coordinator, technology integration specialist, or resident Certified BrainPOP Educator, he or she can recommend specific resources and methods for communicating the advantages of using BrainPOP at home, such as demonstrating how you use it in the classroom at a Family Tech or Curriculum Night.   We’ve also provided letters (versions in English and Spanish) announcing your BrainPOP subscription you can modify and send home with your students!

Thoughts on using BrainPOP outside of the classroom?
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