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A Recap of What’s New at BrainPOP

Posted by jglassman on

Back-to-school is a busy time here at BrainPOP!  Here’s what new this month.

New Features

The Challenge
Challenge your students with the new BrainPOP Challenge! This auto-graded, mobile-ready feature seamlessly assesses students’ understanding of a BrainPOP topic when they play through a set of fun, interactive exercises that emphasize cognitive skills. Take an up-close look at the Flight Challenge as an example of this exciting new feature.

With the new Assignments feature, teachers can assign everything on BrainPOP–from movies to games–and track students’ progress! Watch this screencast to find out how to get started.

BrainPOP Movies

Presidential Elections
Discover what it takes to be the POTUS. This movie covers the long and rocky road from the campaign trail to the White House.

In this movie, Tim explains Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)–a condition caused by a disruption in the brain’s development–and its many and varying symptoms.

Misplaced Modifiers
Where has Moby misplaced his modifiers? Find out in this movie, and discover how placing a modifier in the wrong place can lead to confusing, nonsensical sentences.

From friction to magnetism, this movie explores how forces affect movement.  


Yard Games
This collection features games that explore science concepts ranging from antibiotic resistance to the water cycle in an interactive environment where learning and play are seamless.  

PhET Interactive Simulations
Science and math come to life with eight interactive simulations.

Voters Ed: Trial Edition
Explore historic elections and use a prediction map to simulate results of the upcoming presidential race for the White House.

Fiscal Ship
Put the federal budget on a sustainable course by choosing a combination of tax and spending policies.

Apply knowledge of fractions by slicing and slashing blocks into fractional parts.

Digital Compass
Take on the role of characters facing digital dilemmas to learn the fundamentals of digital citizenship.