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Focusing on FYIs

Posted by jglassman on

Do your students always want to know more about a topic after watching a BrainPOP movie? Quench their curiosity with BrainPOP’s  FYI feature.  Each FYI provides students with a fascinating, high interest read that invites them to delve deeper into the topic.

Here’s a quick peek at a few FYIs for topics across the curriculum:

English: Theme

Social Studies: Debate

Science: Primates

Math: Distance, Rate, & Time

Arts & Music: Frida Kahlo

You can use the FYI’s non-fiction informational text supplement in many ways. Students can research, identify topic-specific vocabulary,  write questions for each other, and more!  How do you use BrainPOP FYIs in your classroom? Share your ideas in the comments field below.