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June was a busy month at BrainPOP! Here’s what new:


The Meaning of Beep

Developed in partnership with the The Institute of Play, this newly released game, currently in beta, challenges players to use context clues to figure out the meaning of an unknown word.

Digital Compass

Help your students navigate the digital world with the launch of this new game from our award-winning partner, Common Sense Education. Students to take on the role of characters facing digital dilemmas to learn the fundamentals of digital citizenship.


In this new game from our partner Filament Games students explore how fractions combine to create a whole object, and the converse ways that whole objects can be divided into fractions.

Voters Ed: Trial Edition

This innovative election interactive from our partner Second Avenue Learning invites students to explore the U.S. presidential election process by providing election history as far back as 1789. As student navigate through each election year, they’ll discover key issues, voting results, and more!   

The Fiscal Ship

Using real-world data from the Congressional Budget Office, this game challenges students to to put the federal budget on a sustainable course by choosing a combination of tax and spending policies.  

PhET Interactive Simulations

Science and math come to life with the following eight interactive simulations from our partner Phet Interactive Simulations. The simulations engage students through an intuitive, game-like environment where learning happens through exploration and discovery.

  1. Area Builder: Build shapes and explore the relationship between area and perimeter.
  2. Balancing Act:  Experiment with how objects of different masses can balance a plank.
  3. Color Vision:  Investigate how light passes through colored filters.
  4. Concentration: Watch solution change color as you mix chemicals with water.
  5. Energy Skate Park: Basics:  Investigate the conservation of mechanical energy.  
  6. Graphing Lines: Explore the relationships between linear equations, slope, and graphs.
  7. Molecules and Light: Discover how light interacts with molecules in the atmosphere.
  8. Wave on a String:  Investigate how frequency, amplitude, tension, and damping affect the motion of the wave.

BrainPOP Movie

Active and Passive Voice

Most every sentence has a “voice.”  Discover the difference between active and passive voice and how to construct sentences using each one.

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