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Four Brand New BrainPOP ELL Movies!

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BrainPOP ELL is excited to announce four brand new movies to Level 1! The updated movies replace the existing first four Level 1 movies.

Why the change?  As BrainPOP ELL has grown and developed over the years, so has our style.  The new movies have a fresh, new look and feel to match the rest of BrainPOP ELL. The story lines are different as is some of the vocabulary. But, the grammar topics and interactive features remain the same.

We are confident that you are going to love the updated Level 1 BrainPOP ELL movies as much as we do.  So sit back and enjoy some new adventures with Ben & Moby!

Hi, I’m Ben – Pronouns and Be
In this first movie, students meet Ben and Moby, and learn about personal pronouns, and the verb to be.

Magic Show – Be (Negative)
As Moby the Magician hosts a magic show with Ben as his assistant, students explore the negative forms of the verb to be in the present tense.

What is it? – Be (Questions)
What’s inside the box that Moby brought Ben? As Ben tries to guess the surprise, students are introduced to the interrogative form of the verb to be.

Five Dogs – Adjectives and Prepositions
Moby is walking five dogs at once! While he and Ben try to keep track of all the dogs, students discover simple adjectives and prepositions of place.