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Our thoughts are with you, Orlando.

This weekend’s violence defies comprehension. But it’s also too tragically familiar: another mass shooting in America, another act of terrorism, another attack on the LGBTQ community.

Children of all ages are exposed to the terrible news, and as parents and teachers, we are once again faced with having to explain the unexplainable. To help provide kids with context, we’ll be publishing a topic that addresses the historic Gay Rights movement and encourages tolerance and acceptance. Our readers will know that this is a topic we’ve been actively discussing.

As the Editorial team determines the topic’s precise focus, don’t be surprised if they reach out to you to help establish what would best serve our students, teachers, and community. We’ll be sharing the new LGBT topic during the next school year, and invite you to contact us in the meantime.

For parents and teachers looking for more immediate advice on how to answer children’s questions about the attack, we’re including some helpful resources from Time and the New York Times.

Once again, we stand with our friends in Florida.

Image from the Equipe de France Twitter feed.

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