New Template Feature on Make-a-Map

Posted by jglassman on

We’ve just launched Map Templates, a brand-new enhancement for Make-a-Map, our Ideaphora-powered concept mapping tool. Students can now select from a collection of templates to use as they construct their concept maps, including those designed for Problem Solution Analysis, Compare and Contrast, Cyclical Relationship, Story Analysis, and more!

Make-a-Map templates support students by prompting them to demonstrate specific relationships between ideas and concepts from the featured movie, such as identifying problems and solutions, exploring cause and effect, and demonstrating sequence of events, etc. Visually showing these connections facilitates comprehension of the new information and helps students internalize it while giving teachers an effective way to assess understanding.

The Map Templates provide scaffolding  as students learn to develop and construct concept maps. And they’ll still have the ability to add more nodes as needed. Once they become familiar with the various mapping structures, they can use Make-a-Map to build their own concept maps from scratch.  
While our Map Templates are intended to encourage best practices, be sure to remind your students that there’s no right or wrong way to create a concept map.

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