Celebrate Earth with a New Game from Springbay Studio

Posted by jglassman on

With Earth Day just a few weeks away, we are thrilled to launch iBiome-Wetland, a game from our newest partner, Springbay Studio. iBiome-Wetland challenges students to rebuild a wetland habitat destroyed by a hurricane. With Professor Bio as their guide, students explore a freshwater marsh, where they learn about the habitat’s unique conditions, from environmental factors to its unique species. Through play, students discover how the species interact to help sustain life, with the food webs getting increasingly complex as play progresses.

For My BrainPOP users, iBiome-Wetland comes with the SnapThought® tool. This tool enables students to write about their thinking while they play. For more tips and ideas on using SnapThought in your classroom, explore our Lesson Ideas page.

Show your commitment to the future of Earth by joining the global celebration of Earth Hour this Saturday, March 19 at 8:30 p.m. Switch off your lights for one hour in an effort to protect the future of our precious planet.


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