Celebrate Women’s History Month BrainPOP Style!

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March is Women’s History month. Celebrate with BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. movies and games!


BrainPOP’s Women’s History unit is chock full of movies featuring history-making women, from artists to astronauts and important topics including Feminism and Women’s Suffrage.

Explore the lives of amazing and inspiring women in these BrainPOP Jr. movies: Helen Keller, Harriet Tubman, Georgia O’Keefe, Rosa Parks, Eloise Greenfield and Susan B. Anthony.

BrainPOP Games

Sortify: World-Changing Women: Categorize historic women by who they are and what they do.

Time Zone X: Women’s Suffrage: Reconstruct history by placing women’s suffrage milestones in time order.

TimeZone X: Eleanor Roosevelt: Place events in Eleanor Roosevelt’s life in chronological order.

TimeZone X: Feminism: Explore events in the history of feminism and put them in the correct sequence.

BrainPOP Jr. Games

Harriet Tubman Sequence Game: Order the cards to show what happened during the life of this brave leader.

Eloise Greenfield Puzzle Game: Complete a puzzle to find out which civil rights leader this author wrote about in her first biography.

Helen Keller Sequence Game: Place the events in Helen Keller’s life in order.

Susan B. Anthony Sequence Game: Organize events in the life of this women’s rights activist.



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