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New Movies on BrainPOP

What better way to teach the concept of theme than through Star Wars!  In this new BrainPOP movie, “Moby-Wan” teaches Tim (er… Luke) about the mysterious ways of the Force using the timeless fable of the tortoise and the hare.

Literary Genre
From the hilarious gags of comedies to the magical creatures of fantasies, Tim and Moby explain how genres are defined by the conventions they share. Students discover how familiarity with a literary genre helps them know what to expect as readers and to create works that appeal to their audiences as writers. Fans of all genres — from the sweeping historical romance to the nail-biting suspense thriller–will enjoy this movie.

Conducting an Interview
Discover how an effective interview is more like a friendly conversation than a robotic exchange of questions and answers. With advice from Tim and Moby, your students will learn how to prepare for an interview and how to make most effective use of their questions during the interview. Finally, they’ll discover how listening is just as important an interviewing skill in as talking—if not more so!

New Movies on BrainPOP Jr.

Science Skills
With the ever-curious Annie leading the way, students discover what scientists do, from asking questions about the world around them to making and testing predictions, and eventually communicating findings in diagrams, models and more. Your budding scientists will love this newest addition to BrainPOP Jr’s series of science inquiry movies.

Solving Word Problems
Oh no! Annie and Moby forgot to make sandwiches for the soccer team. Using her problem solving smarts, Annie shows Moby four simple steps for figuring out how many slices of bread they will need to make 8 sandwiches. Along the way, students discover a range of strategies for solving word problems such as using counters, drawing pictures, creating charts, and even acting it out.

What’s New on GameUp

Quandary Episode 4: Mixed Messages
In this latest episode of Quandary, the problem-solving ethics game in which students help to shape a new society–someone has been posting hurtful posts on the public colony message board. The colonists are divided on if and how to punish the poster. It’s up to your students to figure out the best, most ethical way to handle this problem.

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