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#BPOPchat – Thursday February 4th 7PM ET – Differentiation

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Join BrainPOP’s next #BPOPchat Twitter chat Thursday, February 4th at 7:00 PM ET!

Using the hashtag #BPOPchat, join us on twitter to discuss approaches to differentiation. Differentiated instruction means being responsive to the interests, skills and readiness of the students you teach, and the impact that makes on instructional content, process and what students produce. This is a broad conversation designed to fuel your teaching practice with new ideas!

Like most twitter chats, BPOPchat is structured around six to seven open-ended guiding questions, so there’s easy entry points for sharing and getting ideas.We recommend using a dedicated Twitter chat room like Nurph.com, but you can join in directly through Twitter with the hashtag #BPOPchat too!

We’re excited to discuss differentiation with you on Thursday February 4 at 7PM ET!


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