BrainPOP Loves EdCamp!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

We love hearing about all the great EdCamps you’ve attended – keep the tweets and photos coming! EdCamps, for those of you who aren’t familiar with them, are professional development events for that take a DIY approach, designed for teachers by teachers.

They’re independently organized and managed, with no pre-planned agenda. Participants simply show up at a designated time and place, then create an agenda on the spot. Session subjects can be broad or specific; range from novice to expert level; and span various subjects, disciplines, teaching practices, and educational topics. EdCampers choose to lead or attend whichever of the sessions aligns with their interests.

A few simple rules govern EdCamps, including “the law of two feet.” If you’re in a session and you’re not contributing or finding it valuable, you’re encouraged to leave and find something else that appeals to you. There’s no reason to spend precious free time in a session you’re not enjoying. Rules like this support autonomy and honor the EdCamp commitment to personal learning choices.
BrainPOP has long been an enthusiastic EdCamp supporter. If you’re organizing or attending one in your area, find support from the EdCamp Foundation or look us up on this nifty collection of organizing resources on Edutopia.

Attended an EdCamp recently?  What did you like about it?  Share your story in the comments.