Get Certified at FETC and TCEA

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Since June 2014, nearly 200 dedicated educators have earned the “Certified BrainPOP Educator” title. If you’re interested in joining their ranks and are planning to attend either FETC or TCEA, you’re in luck! We’ll be holding two free workshops – each constituting the first step in the certification program – at both upcoming shows.

Register now to attend one of the 3 1/2-hour pre-conference sessions led by BrainPOP Educators’ team with award-winning teachers and other BrainPOP team members. Together, they’ll lead you through an engaging, hands-on experience exploring the newest BrainPOP features and showing you how to use them for differentiation, assessment, and to bolster learning.

Take it from teachers who’ve already completed the workshop: the word cloud below showcases some of the great feedback we’ve received from past participants!

Word cloud containing Evaluations from CBE workshop at ISTE 2015

Reviews from our ISTE 2015 CBE sessions

Following the initial workshop, CBE candidates must demonstrate their BrainPOP competency in four additional assignments in order to earn certification. We rely on our CBEs for their expertise and perspectives: you’ll have the opportunity to explore products in the BrainPOP pipeline, beta test new features, and weigh in with our developers, among other things.

If you’re not attending FETC or TCEA but still wish to begin the certification process, you may apply to join the online certification course we’re offering this April. Again, this course will be held entirely online. Candidates will complete a series of assignments over a period of four weeks, each requiring roughly 3-4 hours per week.

So what are you waiting for?  Register now and take the first step towards becoming a CBE!