Bookmark Us on Your Mobile Home Screen

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

We’re now smartphone- and tablet-ready! You can visit directly from your mobile device, accessing not only movies and quizzes but also My BrainPOP features like the Quiz Mixer, for custom assessment; class feeds; select titles on GameUp; and other offerings that aren’t available through our apps. For the quickest access to this added functionality, bookmark our URL on your device’s home screen!

To do so, open your mobile browser (in this example, we’re using Safari for iOS) and go to

Click the UPWARD ARROW button then ADD TO HOME SCREEN.

action button

Click ADD to confirm.

add to home

You’re all set! You’ll see the familiar Moby head icon (set against a black background so you can tell it’s not our app tile) on your home screen. Use it for the easiest navigation to BrainPOP going forward. 

Enjoy your new mobile access to My BrainPOP’s features! If you have questions about this or anything else BrainPOP-related, check out our FAQs!


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