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5 Resources to Help You Lead a BrainPOP Training at Your School

Posted by SM Bruner on

Are you interested in showing your staff what’s new with BrainPOP? Do you want to share how your colleagues can go beyond a movie + quiz lesson style and incorporate BrainPOP games, concept mapping tools, and higher-level thinking activities?

If so, we have plenty of resources to help you share BrainPOP with your staff and get the most out of your school or district subscription!

1) BrainPOP Workshop Outline

Use this outline as a guide for conducting your school’s workshop and introducing BrainPOP to your staff.  We’ll show you exactly what to talk about and what order you can use for introducing each feature. You can find more BrainPOP workshop outlines and handouts here.

2) BrainPOP Training Tips and Tricks

Check out our best advice to help you prepare your BrainPOP workshop. Don’t miss the comments from other BrainPOP trainers–there’s a wealth of ideas there!

3) BrainPOP Printable Step Guides

Provide your workshop attendees with step-by-step directions for using the BrainPOP Quiz Mixer, Make-A-Map Tool, and GameUp SnapThought Feature. These guides provide helpful instructions that allow teachers to explore and implement the ideas you’ve shared.

4) BrainPOP Webinar Archive 

Our free online professional development webinars have all been archived and are available for on-demand viewing. Differentiate your professional development by encouraging teachers to learn more about the BrainPOP features they’re interested in through selecting related webinars and watching the videos at their own convenience.

5) Certified BrainPOP Educator Program

Any teachers who are interested in becoming BrainPOP certified can check out our full program. Applicants are currently being accepting for October 2015 enrollment.

Have you ever led a workshop or professional development session about BrainPOP? Please share any resources or tips that you’ve found helpful!