3D Robots: How This Teacher Introduced 3D Printing to Her Students

Posted by SM Bruner on

Have you been thinking about ways to have students explore 3D printing in your classroom, but haven’t been sure how to introduce the concept?

Educators at BrainPOP were thrilled when we discovered a wonderful blog post addressing this common dilemma. Linda McClure blogs at edTech unZipped and teaches Computer Science and Graphics, so 3D printing should be a natural fit for her students. However, neither she nor her colleague Kari Milton had any experience with 3D printers and they experienced a lot of difficulty with finding lesson resources online.

Linda used BrainPOP’s 3D Printing movie and our 3D Printing Lesson Plan: Make Your Own Moby to introduce the concept to students. She used that lesson as a jumping off point to incorporate engineering standards and have students design their own robots!

Check out Linda’s post to see photos and read her reflections on what worked (and what didn’t.) We love how Linda reflected on the first lesson she tried and how she tweaked the activities and instruction to get better results the second time.

Thank you, Linda, for your willingness to innovate, step out of your comfort zone, and share your learning with other educators!