My BrainPOP…Jr.!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

We’re thrilled to report that My BrainPOP is now available for school-wide BrainPOP Jr. subscribers too.

The My BrainPOP suite of features was designed to make it easy for teachers and students to keep track of learning. Using My BrainPOP with our K-3 resource, teachers can set up classes and have their early learners submit quiz results, as well as save their writing, drawing, and graphic organizers. There’s no longer a need to have students print or email their work for feedback. Submitted work will appear on their Timeline, accessible through the utility bar at the top of the page. Upon logging in, teachers and students will see the My BrainPOP button appear at the top of the screen.

My BrainPOP on BrainPOP jr!

Remember, the use of My BrainPOP features is entirely optional. Schools decide for themselves whether or not they want to enable My BrainPOP and student accounts. If your school does choose to use My BrainPOP, know that your students’ data is safe and private.

As usual, we’re here to help and we welcome your feedback. Send us a note, tweet us on twitter or leave a comment below with any thoughts or issues you might encounter!