Helping to Build a "Nation of Makers"

Helping to Build a “Nation of Makers”

Posted by Traci K. on

We’re so proud to announce our involvement with the National Week of Making, celebrating the builders, creators, designers, and problem solvers among us! Running today through June 18th, the National Week of Making is part of the President’s Nation of Makers initiative, which aims to expand the number of students who ultimately become “makers” –  21st-century manufacturers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

BrainPOP will offer its support in the form of a special STEM Spotlight, which we’ve made free through the end of the summer. It features relevant topics like 3D Printing, Computer Programming, Logic Gates, Robots, Gears, and more, plus direct access to science, math, and engineering and tech titles on GameUp, our learning games portal.

Throughout the Week of Making, libraries, museums, schools, universities, and community spaces across the U.S. will host events and workshops that showcase members of the Maker movement, their work, and the STEM tools they’re using to bring their ideas to life.

Learn more about the White House “Maker” initiatives right here.

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