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Common Sense Media Launches Their New Game, “Digital Compass”

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We’re excited to announce the release of a new educational game, Digital Compass, from our friends at Common Sense Media!

Digital Compass is a choose-your-own-adventure interactive game developed with sixth- to ninth-graders in mind. Students step into the shoes of one of eight characters to experience the twists and turns of daily digital life. Invite them to explore digital dilemmas, make good (and not-so-good) decisions, and try out possible solutions through stories and mini-games — all without risking their real-world reputations. Discover how Common Sense Education’s award-winning digital literacy and citizenship curriculum seamlessly integrates into blended-learning environments.

Digital Compass is developmentally appropriate for middle school students with opportunities to do the following: explore, experiment, make decisions (deductive reasoning), rationalize (abstract thinking), take risks, judge conventions (conventional reasoning), assert individuality, express themselves, form (non-platonic) relationships, and interact with peers. It provides a safe place — a walled-garden experience — to explore decisions and their outcomes.

Game features:

  • 8 topical modules, 8 corresponding mini-games, and printable extension materials, all tied to curriculum categories: 1). Cyberbullying, 2). Privacy, 3). Creative Credit & Copyright, 4). Information Literacy, 5). Internet Safety, 6). Digital Footprint & Reputation, 7). Self-Image & Identity, and 8). Relationships & Communication.
  • Each module has 9 endings, 32 paths, and 51 unique combinations based on decision points.
  • Quantitative assessment, which consists of an individual’s scorecard (printable for Web and email for mobile), and it records:
    • Percentage score of story paths completed.
    • FIRST percentage score of mini-gameplay (pre-assessment).
    • Percentage score of HIGHEST mini-gameplay.
  • Each mini-game consists of three levels of gameplay and has randomized content to encourage repeated play.

Be sure to check out the game today!