Updated BrainPOP Educators Look

New Look and URL for BrainPOP Educators

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

BrainPOP Educators has received a brand new look and web address!  You can now find us at http://educators.brainpop.com. BrainPOP Educators is also optimized for viewing on mobile devices.

We’ve also  streamlined our navigation so it’s easier than ever to discover resources. Looking for support on a specific BrainPOP topic?  Click on “Lesson Plans and Materials” to find directories listing all BrainPOP subjects, units and topic.  Want a Moby certificate to print for a student, or some clipart for your interactive whiteboard? Click “Classroom Aids”.

The “Tools on BrainPOP” menu provides direct access to support for getting started with our newest features, such as individual “My BrainPOP” accounts, the Make a Map concept mapping tool and the Mixer for creating your own custom BrainPOP Style quizzes.