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The Next Math Topic Slated for BrainPOP Production is. . .

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Back in February, we asked YOU to vote in a poll to determine which math topic BrainPOP should produce next.  We received 235 individual votes and the winner, with 28%, is multiplying and dividing decimals! When the topic has been produced and is live on BrainPOP, we will share the news here on the BrainPOP Educators blog. In the meantime you can check related topic movies as part of the Numbers and Operations math unit on BrainPOP.com.

Here are the complete results. As you can see, Quadratic Equation was a close second place with 26% – so we’ll keep that in mind as we progress through our production queue!

Topic Votes Percentage
Multiplying & Dividing Decimals 66 0.28%
Displaying Data 24 0.10%
Surface Area 40 0.17%
Quadratic Equation 60 0.26%
Ordering Fractions 45 0.19%

Thanks for participating in our poll, and check back soon for our next one!