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5 Ways to Use the BrainPOP Spotlights this April

Posted by SM Bruner on

This month, BrainPOP spotlights Earth Awareness and Money Matters. Here are 5 ways to tie these spotlights into your curriculum in April:

1) April 22nd is Earth Day – have students explore the entire Earth Awareness Spotlight page. Follow this lesson plan and help them choose their cause.

2) April 15th is tax day! Help your students understand why the grownups are grumpy by watching the taxes movie during morning meeting.

3) Though many US citizens are still struggling financially, US stocks have recently hit an all time high. Help your students explore what it means to buy shares of a publicly traded company with our stocks and shares movie.

4) April 25th is World Penguin Day! Enjoy the penguin movie and learn some fun facts about our flightless feathered friends!

5) To solve the problems of Global Climate Change, global cooperation in the key. Help increase your student’s global awareness by participating in a meaningful global collaboration project! Check out this webinar with POPstar Lisa Parisi, of this list of links for some ideas to get started!

These are just a few of the countless ways you can use BrainPOP and GameUp Spotlight content with your students. Share your ideas in the comments section below!