BrainPOP Educators’ Self-Guided Overview Course

BrainPOP Educators’ self-guided overview course

Posted by SM Bruner on

We hear lots of teachers say there are far more resources on BrainPOP than they ever knew were there! GameUp, the Quiz Mixer, and the Make-A-Map Tool are just three of many new features we’ve added to the site and want to help you utilize in your classroom.

To make it easier for you to stay current with the ins and outs of BrainPOP,  check out our free BrainPOP Educators online overview course. This self-paced online course will guide you through all our support resources in a clear and concise manner.

The course starts with the BrainPOP basics and covers everything from setting up individual My BrainPOP accounts to our concept mapping tool, activities, quizzes, and everything in between.

The BrainPOP Overview Course is free for everyone to access. Get started here!