highlighed options for writing a question on BrainPOP mixer

New Question Type on the BrainPOP Mixer™!

Posted by cemignano on

We’ve added a new question type to the Mixer! Teachers now have the ability to further customize assessments by including poll questions on their My BrainPOP Mixer-created quizzes. The new poll questions don’t have a right or wrong answer, can include up to four answer choices, and can include images like the regular multiple choice questions.

By viewing class results in the “Class Summary” view in your My BrainPOP teacher feed, responses are displayed as percentages and pie charts.


Use the poll question type to guide your lessons, for a mock election, or even to simply vote on classroom decisions. The possibilities are endless!

BrainPOP Training Tip – We use poll questions to kick off our training sessions. We ask attendees about their BrainPOP experience and what they hope to learn in the training. This helps us learn a bit more about the group and ensure we cover the features they want to learn about most! How’s that for being responsive?

For more information, be sure to visit the Getting Started with the My BrainPOP Mixer page.