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BrainPOP’s Free Online Course!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

BrainPOP Educators is happy to announce the debut of our free self-guided online course. This 3 unit course will help get you up and running with all BrainPOP features!

Unit 1:

This unit will guide you through setting up a personal “My BrainPOP” account and provide directions for using all the new interactive features that appear on a BrainPOP topic page. Explore Make-A-Map™, our concept mapping tool, and learn about how to access the new “primary source” activities. Explore the rich collection of non-fiction informational text contained in every Related Reading and see how BrainPOP Educators provides a custom collection of lesson plans, standards alignments, and teacher support resources for every single BrainPOP topic!

Unit 2:

In this unit, you will learn about the new assessment features on BrainPOP’s GameUp. From Sortify™ our “playful assessment” categorization game,  to the SnapThought™,  our game reflection prompt tool,  you will see how My BrainPOP helps you collect data about student achievement during game play.

Unit 3:

Finally, this unit will help you explore how to assess data collected through My BrainPOP, and how to use the Mixer™ to create customized BrainPOP style quizzes. This unit will also outline how to set up multiple accounts for all the students and teachers in your school – a feature available only to school administrators.

Each unit of the online course follows a step by step scope and sequence that balances technical training with pedagogical suggestions. By the end, you’ll feel comfortable with the technical components of My BrainPOP, and confident using BrainPOP resources most effectively!

Since the course is self-guided you can start and stop whenever you want – it’s all up to you.  Each unit ends with a final quiz that you can use to measure how well you absorbed the information.  Though you may be able to submit the quizzes to classes, the BrainPOP educators staff will not be able to correct your work!  Also, we are not providing certificates of completion or credit hours at this time.

Try our online course and let us know what you think. We are always happy to hear your suggestions!